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Josep Palmarola

He established in Vic by the end of 19th century. He opened a shop, La Vigatana, where he sold perfumes, pyrotechnics and toys. In 1910 he started off as a photographer and opened a little shop. In 1912 he opened a photography gallery and specialised as a portraitist, although he was basically known as a reporter. He almost covered all the public and social events in the city of Vic and its area. He often sold the copies as postcards; some of them were coloured and he even had some translated into esperanto. He used a 13x18 travel camera with a tripod for portraits and popular celebrations. For reports he used Foldings with 10x15 plates and some detective cameras 9x12. When he died, his son Antoni run the familiar business, the gallery of portraits and the sales of photographic material.

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